Going Freelance - from Zero to Hero

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Want to know what it's really like to make it as a freelancer?

Join me for a radically different approach to learning freelancing: instead of yet another "how-to" once-off guide, here you get to join me long-term as I navigate the path from complete newbie (getting paid for my relevant skills for the first time in years, at least) to successful freelancer.

Follow along and learn how to grow from zero to mastery as a freelancer. 

If you are keen on, or already doing, either of these...

  • building freelance websites
  • writing freelance articles

...then this trial-based approach will show you what it's ACTUALLY like out there in the market. 

Want to go from cash-strapped to self-sustained financial freedom? Then follow along. 

  • See what works... and what doesn't. 
  • Join me as I apply for new freelance gigs and manage current ones.
  • See the results of targeted outreach.
  • Where does one find freelance roles? 
  • How does one land those freelance roles? 
  • What's the actual process from concept to invoice to cash in the bank?
  • Let's find out...

I'm doing the work anyway, so you may as well learn from me: the wins AND the losses. 

This will allow you to skip ahead to the fun part: landing clients and getting paid.

What do I know?

My first freelancing income in a decade recently landed in my bank account. 

I submitted, and invoiced for, an article for a brand new writing client AS I TYPED THIS.

(UPDATE: two weeks after first typing this, I have landed an additional two long-term freelance gigs, so now have even more to share about how I did this!)

A new client website is already live on the web, while a second is currently being reviewed by the client's management team. A third is halfway completed.

Of course, I'll be happy to bring you up to speed on how I went from absolute zero to this point too. 

Learn from my previous experience: 

  • from landing an 18-month, twice-a-week writing gig,
  • to multiple articles in a trade publication,
  • to a feature article in a popular print magazine... 
  • to calling it quits for 10 years... 
  • to starting again, from scratch.

I've done it before

I'm doing it again

Join me for Round 2!

How it works

This will (for starters, at least) be via a members-only weekly newsletter, soon to grow into a full freelancing portal and active community.

Of course, once we've reached a point where we've all learned enough for a full eBook to complement the weekly updates, you'll get that for FREE as well (including lifetime updates!) if you've followed as a cherished subscriber for 6+ months.

How much?

At launch, it's a mere $5 a month! That's a LOT of tried-and-tested knowledge for the cost of less than a couple of coffees. Knowledge which will allow you to buy a LOT of coffees...

As the sheer volume of freelancing content grows, so will the monthly rate for new signups.

The rate you see is the rate you keep! So, join now and lock in your permanent low subscription.

Sound good?


Sign up and let's do this!!

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You'll receive a weekly detailed examination of the current state and progress of this freelancing journey: building WordPress (for now, but watch this space) websites and writing freelance articles for cold, hard, cash in the bank. Once it's all compiled into an eBook, you'll get that too - for FREE

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Going Freelance - from Zero to Hero

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